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John Vaillant "The Tiger"
I have finished reading the book of freelance writer John Vaillant "The Tiger". Of particular interest to Vaillant are stories that explore collisions between human ambition and the natural world. In this book he writes about siberian tigers and Russians, who live in Primorye. I was truly amazed how precisely he caught some really small details of Russain character. The second title for the book is "the true story of vengeance and survival". The story is about events that took place in 1997 in small village Sobolonye: primarily it's the story of a tiger, injured, and irritated, which starts hunting for "tayozhniks", who hurted him. It is lot more woven into the story: background of the tigers and other animals, some facts about Chinese-Russian conflicts, the story of people living in Primorye after perestroika, the story of fighting for the savings of tigers. It is relly must read book!

And I came back from amazing journey to the UK. But this is the different story.

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