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Wyler Aerial Tramway State Park,Texas
Story begins in 1959, when KTSM radio built the tramway to aid the construction of a transmitter antenna and service platform.

Karl O. Wyler directed ambitious construction and had a dream that the views from atop Ranger Peak should be available to the public and included his wish in his final will. Texas Parks and Wildlife Department accepted donation and opened it to the public in 2001.
It was opened before to the public as well but high liability insurance costs caused the tramway closed for 15 years prior to its establishment as Texas State Park.

The first tramway (old#1) went to the top of the Ranger Peak in 1960 and retired in 1970

The scond generation gondola ran from 1970 to 1986.
And this is Swiss-mafe gondolas carry tramway passengers nowdays. I have been there, made some photos from it:-)
And I saw it from the distance of our hike (the little yellow dot in the picture is the tramway)
View from the tramway on the Franklin Mountauins

These "ropes" are the same type of superstrong cables used in the construction of suspension bridges (it is better be)
On the top of the mountain is the telecommunication tower.
All those dishes
This type is located on the bottom...
I could see Mexico (Juarez)
or United States (El Paso)
But the best view was this!

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Cool! am afraid of those things, you know. Everybody wo's riding with me are having fan watching me...:))

Photo with this telecommunication tower going right into the sky is superb. Stairway to Heaven sorta thingie... :)

Really? I would love to ride this thing with you!!!
I like those views of things going up up up...:-)

What a beautiful pics! Un-be-lie-vable! broom_rider nicely said that the tower looks like 'Stairway to Heaven'!
Have you been there on vacation?
I just came back from Nashville, TN. No pretty pics though, haha.
btw is the second tram a time-capsule?

We have been there for Thanksgiving Break.
How did you like Nashville? Conference?
We need to check this tram in 2060 for it:-)))

Oh, I liked Nashville! I don't remember much the conference though :)
There is a little nice Broadway street there, where in restaurants and bars they play country and other music also every day of a week. Well, I've been there for four days and four nights I spent in the bars, lol! Of course, every morning I had a slight headache and didn't wanted to attend the meeting. Though I skipped ALL breakfasts I went to all lunches, haha!
I guess, it was a nice meeting small and cozy.
Now I am in love with country music! I listen to Johnny Cash, Taylor Swift, lol my taste is very hectic! Anyway. It was a nice trip. Water there is terrible too much of Cl. But otherwise I think it's OK place, maybe boring for people who is not into country music XD IDK about how it's around there. No idea. Tennessee is just above Alabama, like in the middle of the Country they call the place a buckle of the Cristian belt, go figure.

Lol, I wish you could open it in 2060! But people don't live that long, heee.

:-))) I just cannot believe you are in love with country music! Though I developed the taste to folk music and even blue grass...The water in El Paso is terrible also. We are actually going to Big Bend and we need to bring water with us (place close to mercury). Water... I saw once documentary about water in Fort Lupton (Colorado) and some place in Woyming. One can burn water (remnants of oil...). SCARY. And of course after said that - who can live so long?

Heee! i would never think about myself as a country music lover! But I love it. Not all kinds though, haha. Mostly, sad songs with heartaching lyrics, lol! Ha, I kinda enjoy blue grass also.

Yeah, DC water is heavy in lead.
Of course we have all these filters and stuff but oh, boy, we are lucky we never been at the water-cleaning systems. That I suspect is just a very disgusting process to observe. I wish we could drink only dew and eat manna, lol!
Still, we are going to live long enough, don't forget about all the drugs and our life is so easy (I mean physically). We definitely going to live long drinking that crappy water! XD

btw what are your plans for the New Year?

We are going to El Paso for Christmas and then after that we will go to Big Bend until 30 or so, and then drive back home, that will probably include New Year:-)
What about you?

Oh, cool! A New Year outdoor! Wow!

No, my plans are the same as every year! Lol! Olivie, Clico and some relaxing movie!
Of course with R., but you probably know :D

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