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Sunset in Sotol Vista Overlook
So far I am not sure how much I will be able to tell about Big Bend, but I try. First of all it is one of the 4th US desert named Chihuahuan Desert, Rio Grand River is the boundary between US and Mexico, so I was saying Hi to Mexico for numerous times on our trip. And there is colorful Chisos Mountains. First day we hiked lightly - we chosen one of the approximately 44 described hikes in the park - named Chimneys which is flat and goes through the colorful desert to the tall ridge of rock outcrops known as the Chimneys (will post photos later). In the end of the day we just drove around and saw this marvelous sunset in Sotol Vista Overlook. I will try to tell about plants separately as well.

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потрясающее фото!

Да, цвета у заката обалденные, а сотол придает романтическое настроение:-) (ну это так отражался мир в моих глазах, Пол все ворчал, что палочки (сотол то бишь) отвлекает от заката).

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