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Happy New Year!
Year of the Black Water Dragon is coming! I wish everyone stay healthy and cool!

The stones are: Epidote uralite calcite, Amethyst and Malachite
The claws on the wings made from Model Magic as broom__rider suggested. It worked!:-)


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Happy New Year to you and youes too! I hope it'd be a happy and prosperous year for all of us!

I love the dragon! Beautiful, sparkly, and majestic, as a dragon should be! I love how he guards his mountain's treasure! :D
The design of the figure looks so complicated! I love the sparkly eyes. And I just love those bead-toes, so cu-uu-ute! :)

You should get a dA gallery for your creations, you know. I found some feltie/plushie groups there, and from what I see, you'll be a star there!

Thank you:-) Yes, he likes his treasures:-)))

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